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mmcx connector
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OFC earphone cable
1/8 inch jack
replacement cable

BASN SC100s MMCX Replacment Cable

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  • 4N(99.99%) OFC Silver-Plated cable delivers more details with deep bass, clear midrange and bright highs
  • Designed by senior designer in California. Hand-woven without segmentation ensures anti-interference effect
  • Pull-resistant cable improves noise isolation by reducing auscultation. Memory ear-hook for a comfort and secure-fit
  • Carbon fiber decorated gold-plated stereo jack and silvery-white cable embody exquisite quality
  • MMCX connector is compatible with BASN Bsinger, SHURE SE215/ 315/ 425/ 535/ 846, UE900, SONY XBA-A3/ H3/ Z5

The influence of Silver-Plated Cable on sound quality

Prominent sound lines

Superb high-frequency, brilliant and transparent

High-performance musicality, detail, dimensional feeling

Silver is used as surface material for transmission high-frequency

OFC is used for transmission low-frequency and intermediate-frequency

Benefits of BASN SC100s upgrade earphones cable

Audiophiles’ choice of trust

Designed by senior designer in California

MMCX connector provides you with even more choices of earpieces

OFC Silver-Plated cable delivers more details with clear and balanced sound

Hand-woven without segmentation ensures anti-interference and fidelity effect

High-quality pull-resistant detachable cable decreases unwanted cable noise

Ergonomic adjustable memory ear-hook provide all-day comfort and secure-fit

3.5mm carbon fiber decorated gold-plated stereo jack embodies exquisite quality

L type jack and 0.5 inch plug sleeve can better protect the cable not to break easily

Silvery-white cable represents a noble taste, and more reflects the exquisite upgrade

What detachable earphones are compatible with SC100s?


Bsinger, Bsinger BC100, Bsinger+PRO, Bsinger+LUX


SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535, SE846



Ultimate Ears





W Series: W10, W20, W30, W40, W50, W60,W80

AM Pro Series: AM10, AM20, AM30

UM Pro Series: UM10, UM30, UM50

ES Series: ES10, ES20, ES30, ES50, ES60

CR Series: CR10


  1. BASN SC100s detachable earphones cable must be used together with earpieces (to be ordered separately)
  2. It is recommended to purchase with BASN Bsinger Earpieces
  3. Please do not plug the connector frequently which will make the connector easy to loosen and affect the use of the product

Customer Service 

You will get one year warranty on parts and labor. If you have any question about the product you received, please contact us without hesitation. We would try our best to help you and improve your purchasing experiences.


Wire Core: Silver-Plated OFC

Type......... Y-Type

Connector......... MMCX

Cable Length......... 1.2m

Plug Type......... 3.5mm L-Type

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